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Jinding Group Co., Ltd
JINGDING - The home of Power Tool DNA and your best choice for power tools since 1968.
With almost 50 years of experience in the power tools industry JinDing brings unparalleled experience,resources and dedication to the manufacturing of power tools.From our modern facility north of Shanghai,JinDing produces a wide range of portable, benchtop and lawn and garden tools for professional and DIY use. We commit ourselves to being your best option for OEM/OEM development through our team of experienced professionals.
ENGINEERING - Our commitment to design and detail is the hallmark of a JINGDING made tool. JINDING
JINDING INNOVATION - We bring the latest products and features to market including our own exclusive designs and innovations-every year!
QUALITY - Through our professional in house labs and compliance partnersc JINGDING delivers quality, consistency and a commitment to continuous improvement. JINDING


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